Portalupi Wine & Tasting Room

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Portalupi wine began many years ago in a small northern California town where Tim and Jane first met as children. Now a husband and wife team, they have traversed the gamut of the premium wine business for some nearly 30 years. They started Portalupi in 2002 and deliver exquisitely crafted wines worthy of their generation’s history of Italian winemaking. Portalupi is a celebration of their reunion and a tribute to their rich ancestry.

Jane and Tim partnered with Bakas Media to increase traffic to their new tasting room in downtown Healdsburg, CA and help drive traffic to their groundbreaking mobile wine site.  Portalupi is one of the first wineries in the world to have a mobile optimized website with a easy mobile-purchase option in 3 clicks or less.  Take it for a test spin here on your smart phone.