The 'media' side of Bakas Media focuses on developing the tools of tomorrow. Through investments, advisory roles and other equity positions we are able to have skin in the game where the rubber meets the road. 

By working closely with emerging companies, we able to round out our services and execute digital campaigns at a high level. These are a few recent companies we can publicly disclose:



According to the Huffington Post, legalized marijuana is the fastest growing industry in America. 

WeedHorn was launched in April 2015 to be a mainstream marijuana media site sharing the most interesting cannabis stories from around the web.

After just 90 days, WeedHorn was featured in Fast Company as 'the BuzzFeed of Weed'. 



Forkly was designed to be a beautiful way to share and discover tastes. The app helped you discover a new dish around the corner, the best burger in town or your favorite cocktail bar in a new city.

After 3 years and nearly 750,000 users, Forkly ended between a rock and a hard place. More funding was needed to finish the Android app and complete the restaurant dashboard, but there weren't enough users to warrant additional money.

The app was shut down in September 2014 despite promising organic growth and a loyal user base.


We were looking for a tool to add to the toolbox and this one is a a big one. Social Media strategy will continue to become focused on mobile, and this was the one remaining tool that we were looking for to convert attention into action (purchases).

Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) will find its way into our daily lives as mobile devices get better and consumers understand how it works, however, we have a long way to go in improving mobile transactions.

Currently, the abandonment rate for mobile transactions is almost 100% which means virtually every mobile purchase does not get completed. People give up and don’t finish the transaction. PressPay was designed to reduce the abandonment rate and make it easier for consumers to get through their purchase easily and make sure their info stays secure.


34 Commerce

NFL great, Herschel Walker is the chairman of the board and the soul of 34 Commerce, hence the name of the company.

34 Commerce is a global payment gateway accepting over 250 forms of currency in virtually every country. 

When video commerce provider, Cinsay was searching for a company to process payments behind their patented clickable video players, they tapped 34 Commerce for its global footprint and proprietary tools that will take Cinsay into mobile commerce.