It all adds up to one thing—Digital

Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation, Social Media, Apps, Story Telling and all things Mobile are converging into a single mindset. Soon, we’ll sum everything up and put it under a single ‘Digital’ umbrella. But digital can’t work without the human side of the equation and that’s where Bakas Media comes in.

The collective talent available at our fingertips can help businesses to understand how relationships lead to attention, and how attention leads to intention. Ultimately, intention leads to Return in a way that can be measured against the bottom line.


Bakas Media is Available for:

+ Customer Experience Design

+ Events

+ Product Launches

+ Community Management

+ Mobile Strategy

+ Mobile Commerce

+ Social Media Management

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Mobile Site Design

+ Story Telling

+ Video Production

+ Online Amplification

Get started today to position your business for the next big mobile trend.